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If you are looking for Banner Makers, then look no further than Gates Flag and Banner Company, Inc.

The Gates Flag and Banner Company, Inc's sales staff has extensive experience in creating the perfect flag, banner or display for your needs. Our art department will help design and create the layout for your space. We will work with you to select the correct material and process while staying within your budget.

Materials - depending on your application in Industry, Organizations, Institutions, Colleges and Schools, Government and Municipality, and Residential use.

  • 100% Solar-Max Nylon
  • Assorted Polyesters including Dacron, Poplin and Satin
  • 13, 16, 18 oz standard or smooth single-sided, and double-sided blockout Vinyls
  • Heavy-Duty Mesh
  • Sunbrella and Marine Acrylic

Banner Makers Production Processes

Banner Makers - Digital PrintingDigital Printing

In this method of printing, we can reproduce any piece of art, from simple text to a full color photograph to create the perfect banner or flag. The dyes completely penetrate the material, so your image is seen from both front and back. We also use this method for vinyl banners. The process is very cost effective with quantity price breaks available.
Digital Printing Pricing



Appliqué is a process where lettering and logo is sewn with pieces of material onto the flag or banner. On an outdoor flag, the image is sewn on both sides, reading correctly on the front and in reverse on the back. Banners are sewn on the front, and back-lined to hide any stitching. Flags can also be double-sided, with two flags sewn back to back and lined if necessary. The material used is 100% solar-max nylon for durability.



Embroidery is the most luxurious process in flag and banner production. Each design is hand stitched onto nylon, rayon or twill. Embroidery is perfect for use on indoor and parade flags, college gonfalons and processional banners. It is not recommended for long term outdoor use.


Dye Sublimation

Similar to Digital Printing, Dye Sublimation can reproduce all images on many different types of polyester but does not always penetrate the fabric. It is perfect for banners and table drapes. If you are looking for fabric versatility, this may be the perfect option.



Screen-printing is a cost effective process for printing one to four colors on certain materials in quantity. Sunbrella avenue banners are typically screen-printed. The ink used is fade resistant and durable for long term outdoor use.

Custom Flags

Custom Banners

  • Cost effective Digitally Printed Vinyl and Mesh
  • Moderately Priced Printed and Appliquéd
  • Nylon and Polyester Banners
  • Rich, Intricate Embroidered Banners
  • Lead & Parade banners
  • Processional Banners and Gonfalons
  • Wall and Display Banners
  • Trade Show Backdrops
  • Free Standing Single & Double- Sided banners with Stands
  • Table Drapes and Runners
  • Street banners
  • Avenue banners in Vinyl and Sunbrella
  • Large format Fence and Building Banners
Gates Flag & Banner Company, Inc. are the leading supplier of flags, flag poles and custom banners.

Flag Maker FAQ

Flags and banners are amazing forms of personal expression.  With flags, you are able to show people your interests, whether you proudly display the American flag or a custom banner for a sports team. Banner makers are responsible for producing many of the flags displayed across the nation. This article will help answer many questions that are commonly asked about the flag and banner making process

What are flags typically made out of.

As of result of flag and banners mainly being displayed outside, the material used to create such items must be weather proof. Many flags are comprised of a high quality polyester and nylon blend, which is an extremely durable material.

How long does it typically take to have a banner or flag made?

Depending on the size and details of the flag or banner, the production process can take up to 4-6 business days. The more generic and simple the flag, the less time it takes to create.

What is the life expectancy of a flag or banner?

There is no definitive lifespan for a flag.  If the flag is kept inside, it has the ability to last indefinitely.  Conversely, if the flag is kept outside in harsh weather conditions, it will succumb to the elements over time.  Wind, water, snow, rain, and sun all weaken the fabrics in a flag.  The U.S. government predicts that an outdoor flag will last 90 days if kept outside from sunrise to sunset.  To protect your flag, and extend its lifespan, try to take it inside on windy and stormy days.

How do I Select a flagpole size?

All flagpole selections should be based upon the size of your banner or flag and how you want it to be presented. A lot of the time, flagpole size is highly dependent upon personal preference. If you want your flag or banner to be the focal point of your home, a large flagpole will draw attention. Just try to purchase a large enough flag that will be visible from the top of a high pole.  The key thing to remember when placing a flag pole is to stay away from hazardous objects such as:  street lamps, electricity lines, trees, and street signs. A good way to gauge how high you want your pole to be is to do the following: Attach a helium balloon to a kite string. Then raise the balloon to the area that you desire to fly your flag or banner. If it is pleasing and doesn’t hit any obstacles, you can go forth and install the pole.

To find the perfect display, contact your local banner maker.

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Gates Flag and Banner Company, Inc. is one of America’s best banner makers. Call us now!