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State Flags and International Flags

Gates Flag & Banner Company, Inc. stocks a large variety of foreign country flags as well as the fifty states and US territories in a multitude of sizes.

All the member nations of the United Nations and other popular international flags are available in the tabletop 4x6” sizes. Many frequently requested country flags are also available in the 8x12” tabletop size, as well as car window flags and small 12x18” sizes.

The fifty states and territories are available in the 4x6” and 8x12” tabletop sizes as well as the 12 x18” size finished with canvas heading and grommets for outdoor use.

International and State flags are stocked in sizes ranging from 2’x 3’ through 5x8’, and can be made to order in larger sizes. New Jersey state flags are stocked in larger sizes through the 10x15’ size.

International and State flags are available for outdoor or indoor use. Our outdoor flags are constructed of 100% Dupont Solar-Max nylon and finished with canvas heading and grommets. Our indoor and parade flags are also constructed of nylon and finished with a pole heading and Velcro tabs and gold rayon fringe. Mounting sets are available for use with the indoor and parade flags.