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Aluminum Flagpoles

Aluminum Flagpoles

Aluminum Flagpoles

  • Satin Brush or Anodized Finish
  • Optional Wall thicknesses for added strength
  • Corrugated Sleeve with Ground Spike

We carry a complete line of aluminum flagpoles in optional heights and wall thicknesses for added strength. The classic aluminum flagpole has a satin-brushed finish, but is also available with an additional anodized finish to preserve the sheen. Optional colors are available. Aluminum flagpoles are installed in a ground sleeve equipped with a lightning rod.


Aluminum Flagpoles are made of new 6063-T6 alloy seamless tubing and have a minimum yield strength of 30,000 psi complying with ASTM B-241 standards. The rate of taper is 1" every 5'6". High strength, low maintenance, low weight, and cost make aluminum poles the most popular in the industry. Aluminum is available in satin brush, painted, and anodized finishes.

-Satin Brush

A textured mechanical finish produced by abbrasive polishing - yeilding a smooth and uniform appearance. This finish is used on aluminum, stainless steel and bronze.


This process is limited to Aluminum. These finishes are obtained by a method called electrolysis. The common colors are clear, three shades of bronze, and black. These finishes are strongly recommended in coastal areas and are a perfect match for many building skins.

-Organic Coating

This method ranges from simple paint to the more complex air drying epoxies, urethanes, and thermally cured fluorocarbons. These finishes are most commonly used with with aluminum and steel. Powder Coating has gained wide acceptance as a low cost, environmentally sound, high quality finish. It is a dry thermally cured painted coating, available in many colors that have excellent durability and abrasion resistance.