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Display your colors with pride on a fiberglass or aluminum flagpole installed by Gates Flag and Banner. A flagpole is the perfect focal point to grace any landscape or entrance and add a touch of beauty to any location.

Gates Flag and Banner Company, Inc. has been installing flagpoles since the turn of the century.  From residential in ground installations to roof mounts by helicopter, we have done it all.

Whether you are interested in an individual pole in your front lawn or a multitude of poles in the local park, Gates Flag and Banner is here to help. Our professional sales staff will be happy to come to your home or site and assist in choosing the appropriate location as well as the proper height for the pole. Our own experienced crew will handle the complete installation.

We carry a complete line of flagpoles in both fiberglass and aluminum from 20’ through 80’. Our poles include the standard ground-set model as well as tilt-base, nautical, vertical wall mounts and outrigger poles. We also handle deck and roof mounted poles.

Our professional crew will provide complete installation for either style of pole in the tri-state area.

Fiberglass Flagpoles

  • Flag Pole New Jersey Sales - Flagpole Parts & AccessoriesGel-Coat Surface
  • Lightweight Yet Durable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Non-Corrosive and Rust-Proof
  • Variety of Colors
  • Classic Entasis Taper
  • Non-Conductive
  • Quiet
  • Simple Installation

A fiberglass flagpole is both attractive and designed to withstand the elements. Fiberglass does not corrode or rust, which makes it ideal for nautical and other outdoor situations.

They can stand up to wind speeds up to 130 mph unflagged and 100 mph flagged with correct flag size (we strongly recommend lowering flags when winds exceed 50mph to protect the flag).

Fiberglass is maintenance-free. The new gel-coat surface won’t scratch, chalk, crackle or mildew. Since fiberglass absorbs sound, the noisy clanging of snaps on metal is not a problem. Because fiberglass is non-conductive, grounding is not required.

Flag Pole New Jersey SalesFiberglass flagpoles are available for residential and commercial use, including external and external halyards, nautical – with optional yard-arm, vertical wall mount, and outrigger styles. Ground-set as well as tilt-base models are available. All models are designed with a classic entasis taper and come complete with an anodized gold ball, rotating truck, nylon braided halyard, cleat, snaps and a flash collar.

Aluminum Flagpoles

  • Satin Brush or Anodized Finish
  • Optional Wall thicknesses for added strength
  • Corrugated Sleeve with Ground Spike

We also carry a complete line of aluminum flagpoles in optional heights and wall thicknesses for added strength. The classic aluminum flagpole has a satin-brushed finish, but is also available with an additional anodized finish to preserve the sheen. Optional colors are available. Aluminum flagpoles are installed in a ground sleeve equipped with a lightning rod.

Call us today at 800-874-1776 for more details about additional models and technical data.

Flag Poles NJ - Small PolesSmall Poles

Gain attention to your business or community with our new product lines of feather and bow flags, wind dancer flags and teardrop banners and the fiberglass telescoping and wonder poles to mount them.

If you are looking for a pole for your front porch, or prefer to handle the installation yourself, we have a number of options available. Our tangle-free poles will keep your flag hanging free, and the telescoping and sectional poles provide versatility in usage and height.

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