Flagpole Installation Lynchburg VA

Flagpole InstallationGates Flag & Banner Company has specialized in flags, banners and the installation of flagpoles for over 150 years. We have extensive experience with flagpole installation, creating the perfect flag, banner or display for your needs. The Gates Flag & Banner Company, Inc. has been in business since 1870.

We carry a large inventory of US, international and state flags for immediate shipment. We also handle fiberglass and aluminum flagpoles, which we install and maintain in the tri-state area. We also assist our customers in the production of custom flags and banners from the first design to the finished product.

The most common flag poles are 6-foot poles and adjustable holders which are mounted on the outside wall of the home. If you want a flag pole in the ground 20 and 25-foot poles are the most popular heights, although we do carry flag poles both smaller and larger.

Professional Flagpole Installation

Flagpole installations require assistance from a reputable and professional specialist with years of experience.

Gates Flag & Banner Company has spent decades honing its craft and recognizes the various scenarios involving such installations. Clients looking to set up a new flagpole should speak with one of the lead specialists on this team to get started.

Hire Flagpole Installation Company

Flagpole installation can be difficult and it is easy to make mistakes. That is why it is important to hire a flagpole installation company to install the flagpole. Choose a reliable company because it provides the best service. And it has the best customer service.

Flagpole Installation Lynchburg VA

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