Family…what is it to have one? Sure the widely accepted version may be a group of blood relatives, but we here at Gates are more…complex. You see this is a family company and we have lived the definition—possibly even redefined it. Gates Flag and Banner has stood strong on the foundation of ‘family’ since 1870. As sure as we were initially in the ladder business, families do evolve; but it is the evolution toward success that one must strive for.


We at Gates have made that stride toward success in continuance as we take in our customers, like family.

And of course you have every kind of personality, diversity…but isn’t that the business we’re in? We stand for America, the gold beneath the soil; the beauty that she can truly be.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, to make her proud, if you will. At times we have to be flexible, though no more or less than the wave of a flag that alters with the wind. “Gates, they’re known across the country,” indeed. But better yet, we have established relationships across the country. So what do you say? Why not become part of the Gates family. Oh, and we promise we won’t be that relative.


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